Selecting a Perfect 3 Carat Diamond

Can we tempt you with a 3 carat loose diamond? Best Brilliance has 3 carat loose diamonds in all the popular shapes. There’s one with your name on it today. We’re sure you’ll feel oh-so Royal wearing one of our 3 carat diamonds. It’s the secret size of many world-class diamond collectors. Did you know that Britain’s Queen Elizabeth’s engagement ring is a round 3 carat diamond? As the wealthiest woman in the world, she could have any size of diamond she wanted. But the 3 carat diamond was her choice. And it’s known to be her favorite piece of jewelry to this day---something she never forgets to wear.

When you select a loose diamond as large as a 3 carat stone, it comes to life in a special way. The larger the carat size, the more viewing opportunities you have to look inside each facet on the stone and observe the quality of the diamond. Make sure your diamond is from Best Brilliance where the royal treatment is given to each and every stone. The most precise cutting is applied to each stone. 

And with clarity enhancement on a 3 carat diamond, the whole world can marvel at the clarity and exceptional beauty of your diamond. Your princess deserves the regal treatment with a magnificent 3 carat diamond from Best Brilliance at sale prices now.


Best Brilliance offers a wide Selection 
of 3 Carat Loose Diamonds

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