Shopping for 14K White Gold Engagement Rings

One of the more popular diamond engagement ring pairings today are created in 14K white gold. 14K white gold engagement rings have enjoyed great popularity for several decades. The 14K white gold is both beautiful and durable. Many consider white gold to be the go-to choice for sophisticated collectors.

Isn’t that what every bride is looking for? Your diamond engagement ring is meant to last your entire lifetime. It’s the only piece of jewelry a woman wears every single day of her life. And the ring becomes more precious over time.

14K white gold is a smart choice for any bride, but especially those who use their hands a lot for work or at home. The 14K gold is an alloy of pure 24 karat gold and other precious white metals like palladium, nickel and sometimes even zinc. The additional metals not only lend a chic white color to the final product, but they increase the strength of the metal. Pure gold is an extremely malleable precious metal which makes designing intricate styles possible. But the addition of the other metals insures that the beautiful gold workmanship will be strong for a lifetime.

Why white gold? This popular gold color is a fashionable choice for modern brides because often much of their other jewelry is also white gold or silver. This means her prized wedding rings will look perfect with the rest of her jewelry wardrobe. Best Brilliance knows what brides want today, and offers the widest array of 14K white gold engagement rings on the market. Your only challenge will be deciding which 14K white gold engagement ring is perfect for you.

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