The Majestic Marquise Shaped Diamond

Marquise Majesty

The cut of a diamond is often based on an early mathematical equation used to shape the stones for optimum light performance. A marquise diamond is no different, but its unique shape often catches the eye of many women, making it a popular choice. When you want Marquise diamond jewelry, you have a lot to choose from. Rings, necklaces, Loose Diamond, and other pieces can help you find the perfect piece, no matter what you have in mind. Learn about this stone so that you can get more out of your purchase and know the history of this unique, beautiful stone that you are buying.

The marquise diamond gets its name from Louis XV, who named it after his mistress at the time of creation. Even though he commissioned the diamond's creation, it became known as the marquise diamond simply because it was made for her. The shape is said to have been inspired by the beautiful lips of the Marquise de Pompadour, the King's mistress. There are 58 facets on this diamond and ideally it features a 2 to 1 length to width ratio. The marquise diamond was said to be inspired by her smile, and features pointed ends and an elongated shape.

Buying a marquise diamond will give you a chance to give her an especially alluring diamond of historical significance. The beauty and quality of this diamond is measured by how it sparkles and shines when it is worn. The smaller the flat sides, the more it will sparkle, creating a better graded diamond. This elongated gem should be slim and stunning, as anything too widely proportioned will create a bow-tie effect that most marquise diamond enthusiasts believe is undesirable.

unique shape diamond

Marquise diamond settings keep the diamond set lower than some other settings., which keeps them from catching or bothering things in everyday wear. This unique shaped diamond allows the wearer to stand out from the rest of the crowd, as it's so distinctive. A marquise diamond is also said to have more brilliance than other cuts owing to it's unique shape. Take the time to explore diamond jewelry and discover what you can find to add to your collection. Armed with this new information, buying the right marquise diamond will be a beautiful experience, just like the majestic stone.


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