Hidden Halo Flecks Rings

Jewelry lovers enjoy having exquisite detailing on their rings. Its shows the master’s touch with their item. And not all delicate finishes were meant to be obvious to others. Much of these artful touches are created for the wearer to cherish.

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Hidden Halo Flecks Diamond Rings

Discover the glamour produced by a hidden halo in your Flecks Diamond ring setting which is a beautifully detailed diamond or gemstone-studded halo underneath the center stone in your setting. There’s nothing more glamorous than a luxurious Flecks Diamond—our proprietary stone enrobed in diamond. To see it, you must examine the side view of your ring (the galley). Your admirers will be dazzled by seeing the ‘hidden’ stones glistening from under the main Flecks Diamond. While the hidden halo itself in not immediately apparent, the effect is one of subdued luxury. You’re not revealing everything about your stunning ring all at once—this discreet style demands you come in for a closer look to fully appreciate its clever craftsmanship.

There’s more than simply a hidden halo to this type of setting. There’s also a special benefit to this unexpected treatment. Light reflected from those accent stones ‘hidden’ under your center solitaire becomes a magnifier that ramps up the dazzling lightshow of your center Flecks Diamond. And that’s exactly what it’s supposed to do. Be prepared for admiring glances when wearing this designer style.