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Hidden Halo Lab Grown Rings

The hidden halo style engagement ring is really picking up traction with today’s diamond ring shoppers. Of course we all want something distinct from everyone else, and we want to look at our ring all the time and love it. This will do it just fine! There are many different ways to display the hidden halo, but they all include placing small accent diamonds below the main stone, often to the side of the head holding the diamond. Looking at your diamond ring from the side, you’ll enjoy (as will your admirers) the exquisite placement of side stones creating an unexpected delight.

Attention to detail includes the lab created diamond in the setting itself. Called the sustainable solution for diamond lovers today, these magnificent stones are diamonds—they are not imitations of a diamond. While created in a lab using the most extraordinary technology, they are diamonds in every sense—their optical, physical, and chemical traits are identical to earth mined stones. The difference is where they were formed. This expert technology opened up the world of fine diamonds to consumers who appreciate them yet have a budget in mind to keep.

Lab grown diamonds in a hidden halo setting are for the thoughtful shopper who values the find details found only in the most striking engagement ring settings. The extra measure of sparkle that your center stone exhibits is a direct result of the hidden halo which draws more light from the side and below the stone and reflects it back to the eye. This is one spectacular setting, and it might be calling your name.

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