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Princess Cut Lab Grown Diamond Rings

Shoppers nowadays have a different shortlist for their bridal jewelry than did their parents and grandparents. While couples still want a beautiful symbol of their commitment and love, they don’t always gravitate to the earth mined diamonds as did their parents. Logically, one reason for this was their lack of availability. But modern couples have an almost endless variety of ring styles and a wide array of stone choices, including lab grown diamonds. Just like today’s shoppers love all things techy, they are often drawn to the lab grown diamond niche. What’s not to love? Technology has brought us diamonds just like those found in the earth—but these were developed in a special laboratory. This is the sustainable option and the eco-friendly choice that many shoppers prefer.

A lovely princess cut lab diamond makes a beautiful centerpiece for your engagement ring, and fits perfectly with many mountings, from trendy ones to romantic vintage styles. And you might be surprised to learn that the princess shaped stone is a rather modern invention. While most of our most popular diamond shapes were developed long ago, the princess cut diamond was a product of the late 20th century. The square shape and straight sides offer great versatility for setting in an engagement ring of your preference.

And the straight clean lines really speak to modern shoppers who want a highly personalized engagement ring. After all, your love story is not like anyone else, so why not personalize your lab grown diamond engagement ring with an icy white princess cut stone? It is a rather new cut of course, but you’re going to cherish this for years to come. A princess cut lab grown diamond engagement ring may be just the ring you’ve been searching for all this time.

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