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Pave (side stones) Ring

It doesn’t matter if your center solitaire is mammoth or petite — the side diamonds present a finished look to your ring that is both striking and a statement maker. You may not have thought about this style of ring before — but we encourage you to browse through our curated collection of pave rings. You’ll be as enraptured as we are, and you may just find the stylish modern ring that fits you perfectly.

The proof is in the sparkle. With pave side stone rings, you set the bar pretty high for style. You own the room with a pave ring. It’s simply the essence of craftsmanship meets spectacular. No wall flower you — you enjoy being admired for your class and confident style sense, So, go ahead, let all that brilliance complement your personality. A side stone ring was made for you. Get ready for looks of envy — because your perfect choice would be their choice too if they thought of it first!

Is there any woman alive who doesn’t dream of her world being paved with diamonds? Could that be you? The word pavé actually means paved in French. It applies to a gorgeous style of setting diamonds so close together with small beadlike prongs that the impression given is one of a pure ribbon of diamonds. How luxurious is that? Diamond rings are usually given the pavé Treatment around the shank of the stone—in particular the front where it can be admired. You’ll also find the pave treatment given to barrel shape and cigar bands where this process is enjoyed over a large area of the band.

However you plan to enjoy the pavé ring style, you’ll find yourself admiring the shimmering effect that multiple diamonds can create in one space. This elite diamond ring treatment has been a favorite style of couture jewelry designers for years. Its potential for creating a big impression with diamonds means that this style ring is simply unforgettable. It is the specialist jeweler who knows how to set diamonds so close together that they appear as one big diamond surface. You’ll be glad to learn that this style setting is infinitely comfortable to wear. So if the pavé style is for you, the ring will become your signature piece.

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