White Gold Flecks Rings

This modern bride’s choice is a popular metal for today’s bridal jewelry—the total look of white gold and Flecks Diamonds is one of shimmering light. White gold came into fashion about a hundred years ago and consumers have never looked back.

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White Gold Flecks Diamond Rings

When it first came on the scene, it was the aristocratic crowd who were early adopters. This is because they mostly had pearls and diamonds which look especially dazzling set against a cool white metal. While other metal colors waft in and out of vogue, since white gold’s appearance on the jewelry landscape, it has been many collectors go-to metal.

White gold is created by adding white metal alloys to pure gold which is yellow to start with. These alloys turn the gold a cool shimmering tint. And while it’s perfect for colorless stones, like Flecks Diamonds, it is also a class act when set with sapphire and ruby. To maintain its ultra-white radiance, any white gold jewelry is rhodium plated at the manufacturer. Over time, this sheer plating can wear away. That’s when a refresher rhodium plating will make it showroom new again. When deciding if white gold is right for you, check what other fine jewelry you wear and see if you have other pieces of white gold so your ring will always look perfect when worn with your other items.