Introducing Your Favorite
New Shine

Flecks™ is a dazzling and ethical new lab-created diamond, 
made with today’s woman in mind.
It’s what we call a fusion diamond: spectacular in its appearance, with a real-diamond shimmer, and at an affordable price.

It’s smart. It’s sensational. And it makes sense.
In today’s world, 
you deserve to shine bright - without breaking the bank.

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What is Flecks™?

Flecks™ is our newest type of diamond that combines the best 
of all worlds: gorgeous appeal and great affordability. It’s an exciting and innovative man-made diamond stone that brings together the finest technology, an ethical approach and the glamour of genuine diamonds.

Flecks™ is a work of art; you’re guaranteed to be a fan for life once you get a look of its spectacular sparkle and diamond clarity. And because of its smart and sensible creation process, it’s very accessible. Now you can enjoy the best brilliance without spending big bucks…
Flecks™ stones offer a fusion between affordability and glamour, created by using a breakthrough technique that’s carefully applied to top-quality stones. Each individual stone is gently immersed in numerous diamond flecks, producing a truly remarkable Flecks™ stone.

Ethically Made to Shine

To create the perfect Flecks™ diamond, each stone begins with the selection of a top-quality base. We then utilize proprietary, sustainable and environmentally-friendly processes in the lab that condense carbon diamond particles which encase the entire stone. This innovative process embeds the stone with numerous genuine diamond flecks, creating a stunning diamond finish. The advantage of Flecks™ is that it provides the same sheer color, clarity and dazzling shine of a natural diamond, using a sustainable approach of a man-made diamond alternative.


Stunning Shine
Brilliant and dazzling;
outstanding shimmering light performance
Diamond Clarity
Clear and sheer, remarkable diamond appearance
Ethical Process
We maintain the highest standards of socially responsible work protocols
Affordable Price
Accessible for all;
best value for any budget
Environmentally Friendly
A completely eco-friendly process; from sourcing to sustainable materials
Flexible Best Brilliance
Flecks™ stones come in all shapes and sizes, so you can always choose your best brilliance!

Want to Know If Flecks™
is Right for You?

If you want to benefit from a man-made diamond that offers you
the brilliance of a true diamond, created in a responsible and 
environmentally-friendly process, and at a fraction of the price 
of a naturally sourced diamond – then Flecks™ is definitely for you!

You can choose what’s right for you from our wide variety of shapes and sizes, all customized to perfection. Flecks™ gives you the best of all brilliant worlds, so that you can enjoy the freedom and fun of having your diamond dreams come true.

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The Future is Flecks™

Gorgeous Appearance. Great Affordability. Gratifying Responsibility.