ID.Me Discounts

You’re always there for us now we’re here for you

Best Brilliance is immensely grateful for the daily sacrifices made by our committed: U.S Active Duty Military, Government Officials, Teachers, Students, Firefighters, Law Enforcement, Sheriffs and Sheriff's, Deputies, Correctional Officers,State Troopers, Federal Law Enforcement Officers, EMT's,Paramedics, 911 Dispatchers and more.

Best Brilliance has proudly partnered with ID.Me, to gift a 10% Discount on all our store via the ID.Me verification at checkout. To receive the


- Get verified as a teacher and discover exclusive teacher discounts

- Verify your military status with and gain access to exclusive military discounts.

- Verify your government employee status with and gain access to exclusive government employee discounts.

- Verify your student status and save money with exclusive student discounts.

- Verify your nurse status and gain access to exclusive nurse discounts.

please note

Each discount code is unique to its recipient and cannot be shared. You are welcome to purchase gifts for friends and family, however you must be the one to make the purchase. Best Brilliance reserves the right to deactivate your code and cancel any outstanding orders if we believe it is being misused; one use per customer. We appreciate all service members and countries, however at this time the discount is only eligible to those servicing within the United States.

If you require any extra assistance with verification, please contact Member Support via email