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Our conflict free diamonds originate from environmentally and socially responsible sources with the highest ethical standards.

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This extra layer of protection insures that you will always be able to identify your diamond by microscopic inscription placed on the girdle of your stone.

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We offer free, insured shipping worldwide and generally ship orders through FedEx Expedited Insured Shipping

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We receive the natural diamonds and proceed to cut and polish them in-house with a team of experts and the most technologically advanced machinery. After approval by our quality assurance team, the diamonds receive certification from a licensed agent, and are prepared for immediate shipment.

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Free Insured Shipping

We offer free, insured shipping worldwide and generally ship orders through FedEx Expedited Insured Shipping.

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Return your purchase for a full refund or exchange any or all of your purchased items within 30 days of the day that your shipment arrived and was signed for.

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All of our diamonds are laser inscribed to assure diamond authenticity and protection against theft.

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We include a diamond care guide and instructions with every purchase to help you take care of your beautiful new diamonds.

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The value and beauty of clarity enhanced diamonds

What are clarity enhanced diamonds and why are they a good value

The good news for diamond lovers now is that technological advances have created a dazzling solution to increase a diamonds’ clarity; because every diamond collector wants the cleanest and most brilliant stone possible. This technology, called clarity enhancement greatly improves the appearance of diamonds through a process of fracture filling a diamond’s inclusions.

What is the process to enhance a diamond's clarity?

The special material used in this proprietary process has the same optical properties (observed as the refractive index) of the diamond that has been treated. So, after treatment, the diamond has improved its clarity grade and become a stunning clearer more scintillating diamond. And importantly, the clarity enhancement process greatly improves the appearance of the diamond while maintaining the stone’s integrity and strength.

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We ship diamonds internationally, including the United States and Canada.

Will I pay sales tax on my jewelry purchase?

If your order ships to a New York address, please add sales tax. New York state sales tax of 4% or New York City sales tax of 4.5 % applies.



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