Guy Mendel

Founder and CEO, Guy Mendel brings a decade of online selling expertise to Best Brilliance.With a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management, a graduate gemologist and a former professional Water-ski Champion, Guy’s known for excellence and is results-driven in business. He’s a consistent front-runner in guiding Best Brilliance to become a leader in the diamond industry.

Paul M

Paul brings years of diamond trade experience to this position; holding a degree in Industrial Engineering and Management. He serves as Head of Sales, website and media management, product editing and content update. He implements strategic leadership for the company’s importing and exporting of products.

Ruth P

Ruth is a commercial photography specialist having earned her graduate degree in photography and digital processing. Ruth's expertise includes graphic design, branding and marketing. Her focuses are on online promotion, social media, marketing material, online sales, and promotes the company’s website.


A tireless customer advocate, Or interfaces with banks as well as suppliers. Her responsibilities include bookkeeping and issuing/ registering invoices, salary preparation, accounts payable to suppliers, while managing other aspects that keep operations running smoothly.

Simon H

A skilled craftsman with 30 years’ experience, Shimon performs expert modeling in a range of techniques as well as fine jewelry finishing. His specialties include all types of diamonds and gemstones. Working under the microscope ensures the utmost accuracy in creating a perfect match between the diamond and its setting.

Elad O

It’s all about the data folks. Elad brings nearly a decade of expertise as a DBA—that’s data base administrator for the rest of us. Putting his online marketing experience to good use at Best Brilliance, he is our #1 man for boosting up our technology while keeping a close eye on data, marketing and sales.



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