Allen Moissanite Earrings - 3 Carat D Color VVS1 Clarity Stud Earrings - 14K White Gold #ME1006

Allen Moissanite Earrings - 3 Carat D Color VVS1 Clarity Stud Earrings - 14K White Gold #ME1006

allen moissanite earrings - 3 carat d color vvs1 clarity stud earrings - 14k white gold #me1006

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3 Carat TW Round Brilliant D VVS1 moissanite stud earrings; all set in 14K White Gold.

Each Gemstone weight 1.5 Carat (7.5mm), with elegant 4 prongs.

  • Total Carat Weight 3 Carat
  • Ring Style Earrings
  • Metal Weight 1.5 Grams
  • Number of Prongs 4
  • Number of Diamonds 2
  • Main Stone Size 3 Carat
  • Certified By IGA


In entire the world of natural gemstones, diamonds are the most fascinating because of the story of their creation. Formed some 100 to 240 miles below the earth’s surface under conditions of intense pressure and very high heat, diamonds are made of just one element, carbon. They are also billions of years old. Until the 18th century however, the only known source for diamonds was thought to be India. Later, diamonds turned up in Brazil. By the mid-19th century, large diamonds were discovered in South Africa, which sparked an enormous diamond rush to that region. Today diamonds are mined in South Africa, Botswana, Canada, Russia, and elsewhere.


The beautiful Moissanite stone literally owes its origins to the stars. In the late 19th century, French scientist Henri Moissan discovered minute particles of a naturally occurring mineral in a crater in Arizona that eventually bore his name—Moissanite. Although he originally thought they were diamonds, later examination revealed them to be another mineral altogether, silicon carbide. After years of experimentation, Moissan was able to recreate this extraordinarily sparkling stone in the laboratory. Today, Moissanite is highly sought-after for its own distinct beauty and durability.

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