Cushion Flecks Rings

The attractive cushion shape Flecks Diamond looks like a sumptuous pillow. And the luxurious Flecks Diamond—our proprietary stone enrobed in diamond, And it is as welcoming as its perfect name.

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Cushion Flecks Diamond Rings

With its rounded corner and square shape, this cut does look like a plump comfy cushion. Yet there is a distinctly modern vibe with this stone, and designers love working with it since it adds an air of class to the piece. But it may surprise you to discover the cushion cut gemstone shape owes has roots to more vintage cutting styles. See for yourself and you’ll discover the cushion shape is found in antique jewelry well over a century old. Yet, Its fan base has never lessened. There is a variety to cushion shape stones, however. Some appear more elongated rather than perfectly square. Whichever variety catches your eye, they will be flaunting those shimmering facets in your Flecks Diamond, made to rival the most sparkling round brilliant cut stone you’ve ever seen.

Today gemstone cutters are still perfecting this cushion shape even though it has had many centuries of production. In a way, it’s like witnessing the progress of diamond cutting to see a true antique cushion cut diamond and then a modern rendition next to it. When you’re shopping for a celebrity-style cut that simply looks red carpet worthy, the cushion shape Flecks Diamond will be an excellent choice.