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Three Stone Rings

The three stone rings display a pleasing symmetry that makes your ring look much like a custom-made original work of art. 3-stone rings often are custom-made for clients. But we thought you’d like to see some of our most dazzling examples of this classic style. The 3-stone does more than look perfectly in symmetry on a lucky lady’s hand. It may convey a meaningful message about the couple. The 3 stones can represent yesterday, today and tomorrow – all the days of your love story told brilliantly. Intrigued? Have a look.

You’re a little bit classic, a little bit sentimental, and a lot of poise. You find a three stone ring to be just the ideal symbol of your true love story. Its symmetry is perfection. The subtle meaning behind the 3 stone ring will forever enhance your love for the ring. Since you’re going to be wearing it for the rest of your life, you’ll be so glad you chose this charming ring with the look of couture styling. You deserve it. It’s not a fad—it’s simply fabulous—and it’s YOU.

There’s something about the style and symmetry of a 3 stone diamond ring. Its classic form draws many women to the stunning impression it makes. There is so much versatility in the 3 stone ring that yours will never look dated. Consider the ways you can customize your 3 stone ring. You can have a colored stone center, or colored stone side to your ring. Of course you can choose all diamonds for a timeless appeal. But the shapes of the stones impact the look immensely. With so many popular diamond shapes available today you can be sure that you’ll have a ring like no one else.

Many people ascribe beautiful symbolism to the 3 stone ring. For instance, it can mean yesterday, today, and tomorrow (or forever) for many couples. Some shoppers say it can signify friendship, love, and fidelity. We love those sentiments too. Finally, don’t forget that while many women receive a 3 stone diamond (or gemstone) ring as an engagement ring—and who wouldn’t be thrilled? Yet, this luxurious style can also used as the wedding ring, particularly when all 3 stones are close in size or actually equal in size with each other. This is definitely a statement ring, and one worth some serious consideration.

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