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Cushion Cut Moissanite Ring

While there is a distinctly modern vibe to this uptown gemstone cut, you may be surprised to learn it got its start in earlier diamond cutting days. So, while diamonds were the first stones to benefit from this sumptuous cutting style, when it was applied to Cushion Moissanite Rings, this cut clearly went all out glam.

While you might discover this sumptuous cushion diamond or Moissanite shape appearing in vintage style jewelry, it’s also perfectly at home in the most edgy modern setting too. When we say cushion cuts — keep in mind there are a few variations on the cushion shape. Unlike the round brilliant stone—it always looks the same; the Cushion Moissanite Rings may appear squarish of course, but also more elongated than square. No matter if its squared or elongated, the one thing that’s always apparent on a cushion shaped stone is the artful placement of those dazzling facets.

So, when you’re in the market for a sumptuous all-out-glamour engagement ring, consider the cushion shape as the one to covet.  Because of the flexibility in shaping this cut—from perfectly squared to elongated, you’ll enjoy seeing it in a number of settings. Looking for an unforgettable engagement ring? A Moissanite cushion shaped stone may be just the ticket. It’s got it all; the look of luxury and plenty of history too.

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