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Best Brilliance knows what an important decision buying a diamond really is. You’re looking for beauty, quality and value in your purchase. So, we commit ourselves to providing you with not only the highest quality loose diamonds and diamond jewelry, but also at the best prices anywhere.

Trust & Integrity

Before you buy, you need to trust your vendor. Best Brilliance considers trust and integrity to be the core values that guide our company in offering you the finest collection of diamonds at surprisingly attractive prices. Allow us to discuss the traits you should look for in a diamond before you make your selection. Our expert team of highly trained diamond professionals are ready to assist you in finding the perfect diamond within your budget, so you can enjoy it for a lifetime. We will guide you in selecting that perfect diamond that suits your preferences not ours.

40 Years of Expertise

Best Brilliance has four decades of expertise in the specialty field of producing top notch clarity enhanced diamonds. We have a worldwide presence, so you can be assured that we have acquired the finest diamonds available anywhere. With offices in Belgium, New York, Los Angeles, and Tel Aviv, you can now enjoy the benefits of purchasing directly from the source - no middlemen and no inflated pricing - just the finest diamonds at prices you only dreamed of.
All diamonds at Best Brilliance were carefully selected for their quality prior to receiving our proprietary technology to enhance the clarity. Our quality assurance team performs rigorous scrutiny to make sure they are approved to bear the Best Brilliance name. After passing inspection, your diamond receives certification from a licensed professional— and now it’s ready for immediate shipment.

Dreams Come True at Best Brilliance

We want to earn your trust as we have with thousands of other loyal customers over the years. Experience our VIP treatment today by speaking with one of our diamond experts who will help you find the diamond of your dreams, available only at Best Brilliance.

Now you too can enjoy the option of purchasing diamonds straight from the source, with absolutely no interference from third parties

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Insured Shipping

We offer free, insured shipping worldwide and generally ship orders through FedEx Expedited Insured Shipping.

30 Day
Return Policy

Return your purchase for a full refund or exchange any or all of your purchased items within 30 days of the day that your shipment arrived and was signed for.

Laser Inscription

All of our diamonds are laser inscribed to assure diamond authenticity and protection against theft.

Diamond Care
Guide Included

We include a diamond care guide and instructions with every purchase to help you take care of your beautiful new diamonds.

How to choose the right diamond

Check out our education center and learn the 4c's of buying a diamond

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Conflict free

Our conflict free diamonds originate from environmentally and socially responsible sources with the highest ethical standards.

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Every diamond is unique and we add new diamonds to our site daily.

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We receive the natural diamonds and proceed to cut and polish them in-house with a team of experts and the most technologically advanced machinery. After approval by our quality assurance team, the diamonds receive certification from a licensed agent, and are prepared for immediate shipment.

Payment policy

Send money easily and securely online using a credit card or bank account. We accept Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and Discover Card.

Customers can purchase Best Brilliance items using a variety of payment options:

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