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Emerald Cut Lab Grown Diamond Ring

Diamond connoisseurs know a thing or two about the emerald cut stone. This cutting style was developed long ago to shape emerald stones, as you might imagine. But when this straight sided rectangular shape was applied to diamonds, it really took off. With its step cut facets and large table facet, only the highest end diamonds are cut into this shape, because in an emerald cut diamond, every flaw would show prominently. When anyone casually glances at an emerald cut diamond, they automatically know they are looking at a very high grade stone.

The emerald cut lab grown diamond is a wonderful shape for this particular diamond. Lab grown diamonds are created to be of high quality with excellent color and clarity—all the top traits that jewelry fans look for. So if you have your lab grown diamond, which will be icy white and pristine shaped in an emerald cut, you’re really got a trophy. Its very shape tells anyone admiring it that this is one exceptional gemstone.

And because the emerald cut is always associated with couture designs, you’ll see your lab grown diamond set in a prestigious mounting. This is the kind of ring you’ll never want to trade up. Decades from now, you’ll still enjoy the aristocratic look that an emerald cut lab grown diamond conveys. The lab grown diamond is identical in every way to an earth mined diamond; it’s optical, physical, and chemical properties are equal to diamonds harvested from the earth. What makes a lab grown diamond so alluring is that you know this stone will be of high color and clarity, yet at a fraction of the cost of its natural counterpart. We love that!

With so many styles available for emerald cut lab diamonds, you’re sure to find the perfect ring setting that expresses your individuality.

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