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Pave Moissanite Ring

Say the words pave and moissanite together, and an image of staggering beauty comes to mind. While Moissanites themselves are a much sought after colorless gemstone, creating a piece in pave with Moissanite dazzles the onlooker. Moissanite has the potential to out sparkle a diamond if you can imagine. It’s higher dispersion than diamonds make this standout created gemstone the one to collect. Placed side by side, while we adore the mystery of nature found in earth mined diamonds, we can see the radical difference in light dispersion—that sparkle factor—in a gorgeous created Moissanite. There’s a lot to love and seeing is believing as the old adage says.

So placing Moissanite in a pave setting ramps up that sparkle factor to the inth degree. Pave side stones on Moissanite rings create a ribbon of light on the shank of the ring and add to the glamour of the entire piece. It’s a brilliant idea—and a brilliant look of course.

Pave settings are created by placing small (sometimes micro-sized) side stones on a piece, in this case, the ring. The laborious process of setting them so close with tiny prongs, or beads produced what can appear like a seamless wave of brilliance over the entire surface. It’s really non-stop brilliance, and that’s why we love this technique so much. When it’s time for all out glamour, pave stones are the way to go. Secure in their mountings, you’ll never wonder if a stone will disappear. The pave Moissanite rings are an exciting option for the modern shopper.

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