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You may know other women who were like a mother to you—or you just want to acknowledge the loving life a friend has lived for her children. This is a holiday where we can all find someone to celebrate with.

Mom’s do so much. Wouldn’t it be lovely if they had a day off? A spa-day, or a gift card to something they love—a movie, an art class, the ballet or a visit to a special gallery they’ve been thinking about?

Does she like jewelry? Chances are, she doesn’t treat herself often to this luxury, because she’s always focused on the others in the family. A birthstone piece of jewelry with the birthstones of her children would be something she’ll take special pride in. No one else will have the identical item like hers.

This special lady might love an afternoon tea at a posh hotel, or an evening out at a restaurant where she’s been thinking about going for some time. Whatever you dream up will be a day she’ll remember.

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