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Double Halo Lab Grown Ring

Could a setting be any more heavenly? One glance at the double halo and you’ll be singing along with the angels—at least in your heart! The double halo setting is the opulent cousin of the popular single halo setting. It delivers twice the pizazz and double the sparkle. If you thought the halo setting made the center stone appear larger—just wait til you catch a glimpse of the double halo lab grown diamond ring.

Double halos encircle the center stone twice, adding twice the sparkle opportunity as a halo ring. Each facet of every accent stone making up the two halos has so many opportunities to capture and reflect light back to the eye. It’s really non-stop sparkle and made for the confident lady who is happy to flaunt her exciting love story.

The superb lab grown diamonds offer shoppers exactly what they want in a diamond—high clarity, superb color, large sizes, and all at an astounding price point. Only you know how affordable your ring was. For many shoppers, the lab grown diamond with its identical optical, chemical, and physical traits is the choice that makes the most sense. Sustainability and eco-friendly manufacture are important to most of us—here’s an opportunity to put your money where your ethics are. Lucky you—lucky Earth.

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