Double Halo Moissanite Rings

magnify your sparkle sale Turn up the sparkle with a double halo Moissanite ring. The shimmering stones dazzle everyone, not the least of which its owner.


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Melanie Moissanite & Diamonds Ring -14K White GoldMelanie Moissanite & Diamonds Ring -14K White Gold

Melanie Moissanite & Diamonds Ring

1.7 Total Carat · Pear · Double Halo · 14K White Gold
Regular price$1,730 Sale priceFrom $1,240
Save 31%
Naomi Moissanite & Diamonds Ring -14K White GoldNaomi Moissanite & Diamonds Ring -14K White Gold

Naomi Moissanite & Diamonds Ring

3.88 Total Carat · Round · Double Halo · 14K White Gold
Regular price$1,920 Sale priceFrom $1,380
Save 40%
Nora Moissanite & Diamonds Ring -14K White GoldNora Moissanite & Diamonds Ring -14K White Gold

Nora Moissanite & Diamonds Ring

3.0 Total Carat · Oval · Double Halo · 14K White Gold
Regular price$2,070 Sale priceFrom $1,490
Save 34%

Double Halo Moissanite Ring

With a double halo Moissanite engagement ring, you know you’ve got a ring no one has, and you’ve got the confidence to wear it beautifully. A Moissanite gemstone is one of most exciting colorless gemstones as an alternative to diamond. It’s marvelously created in a lab to be all you could ever long for in an engagement ring stone. It’s got the beauty, durability, and high quality to make you marvel at all day long. This created stone is a scene stealer, which its super sparkly dispersion and glamourous looks. You’ll be so pleased you discovered Moissanite with its exceptional beauty. For all its celebrity looks, you’ll be amazed at its affordability.

The wildly popular double halo setting is a bride’s dream come true. You are so happy with your unique love story, and you want the world to know. Tell everyone about your romance without ever uttering a word. Your double halo Moissanite Ring is distinctive and elegant in a timeless way. The single halo is a classic style that is both feminine and eternally romantic.

The halo frames a lovely center stone, bringing additional focus to it, while making it appear larger. A double halo delivers twice the dose of focus with an added ribbon of Moissanite side stones to ramp up the luxe. This style makes every center stone and every double halo Moissanite ring look like a red carpet worthy. You sure don’t want to bypass this sumptuous ring with so much to offer.