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Audrey Diamond Engagement Ring   (1.3 Carat) -14K White GoldAudrey Diamond Engagement Ring   (1.3 Carat) -14K White Gold
Natural Diamond

Audrey Diamond Engagement Ring
1.3 Carat · Heart Pave · 14K White Gold

$3,168 USD $5,060 USD
Price includes main diamond
Skylar Diamond Engagement Ring   (3.2 Carat) -14K White GoldSkylar Diamond Engagement Ring   (3.2 Carat) -14K White Gold
Natural Diamond

Skylar Diamond Engagement Ring
3.2 Carat · Heart 3 Stones · 14K White Gold

$18,336 USD $26,516 USD
Price includes main diamond

Heart Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

The timeless shape expresses a universal symbol of love. It’s especially treasured by serious diamond collectors who know just how difficult this shape is to cut. It starts with a pudgy pear shape diamond, and then an artfully cut center cleft is made in the rounded center-end. Since its so challenging to cut, the stone is considered to be the ultimate symbol of true love and commitment.

When it comes to bridal jewelry, either as an open-heart diamond pendant or drop earrings, or for the engagement ring itself, you can’t get a more romantic diamond shape. Its pleasing shape attracts admirers and makes the wearer even more gratified that the heart belongs to them. The sentiment behind each heart shape diamond is clear. Soon you’ll be humming “All we need is love.” The heart shape is a universal symbol that every culture understands and responds to. Sentiment aside, you’ll be proud to know how very difficult it was to cut your heart shaped diamond, and cherish it even more.

Could there be a more perfect diamond shape for bridal jewelry than the heart shape? While these stones are more difficult to cut, they are totally worth it, say the lucky ladies wearing them. The heart of course is the most romantic diamond or gemstone shape, symbolizing love, and affection. Besides being ideal for bridal jewels, this charming shape has found its way into popularity for Valentine’s Day jewelry---often cut from red gemstones.

Romance is in the air, and on your finger with a heart shape stone. If you opt for this all-time great romantic stone, aim for a bit higher color than you may have chosen otherwise. The tip can display a bit more body color from the diamond (than a round diamond for instance), and you may find yourself being aware of that. But, if you don’t see any change in tint whatsoever, grab the heart shape stone and cherish it for the rest of your life.

The heart shape stone tells the story of your love without you ever uttering a word. Your wedding is all about love, and for the ultimate expression of your fond affection, have a heart!

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