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Turns out this special day was introduced in 1935 by Congress to pay tribute to best-forever-friends. We all could use a day like that. And celebrating this day with your best friend often means doing something together. So –it’s kinda win-win for everyone. You give a gift and perhaps it’s the kind where you participate. Even if it’s just a gift sent to that good buddy—you’ll feel so great in doing so.

We know how much we value our best friends, but we don’t always say so. Here’s our chance to do just that with a present they’ll be sure to love. The official day being in the beginning of June makes it ideal to take to the great outdoors for a few hours with a friend. Visit the zoo, or aquarium, even go to an outdoor event in an amphitheater You get the idea. You can gift your friend with a bit of luxe by way of jewelry—no one will turn that away! And jewelry has a sense of permanence, just like your friendship. These ideas should get your imagination revved up!

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