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Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement rings

Don’t be surprised if you discover this sumptuous cushion engagement ring shape appearing in antique goods. Its fan base has never waned. Due to the variety of cushion cuts — some may appear more elongated than exactly square. But they still sport those dazzling facets that rival the most sparkling round brilliant cut diamond you’ve ever seen.

Diamond cutters have had so many centuries to perfect the cushion engagement rings, it’s like watching the evolution of diamond cutting to see a true antique cushion cut diamond and then a modern rendition. When you’re in the market for a sumptuous no-holds-barred diamond, cushion engagement ring will be calling your name. So many diamond ring settings can be used with this particular shape that you’ll marvel at how elegant this stone looks in both vintage settings and modern-day designs. When shopping for a new diamond, do yourself a favor by considering a cushion cut diamond. It adds an air of luxury and history to your ring.

What stone is lavish, and cut to sumptuous proportions? That would be the cushion shaped stone. Just like it sounds, the shape and facet plan of this distinctive diamond cut makes the stone look oh so luxurious. Set in modern couture mountings, the cushion shape stone can give the most modern vibe. But you may be surprised to learn that this diamond shape has been thrilling jewelry lovers for over a century.

In some circles, the cushion is called the pillow cut stone. Easy to see why. The rounded off corners of a squarish shape give the impression of a comfy cushy pillow you want to sink into. The rounded corners and larger facets particular to this shape increases the stone’s brilliance. No wonder it seems to scintillate all across the room when someone enters wearing one.

If you don’t like getting compliments, even from complete strangers, choose something besides the cushion shape diamond. But if you’re so proud of your one-of-a-kind diamond ring, you’ll be happy that you chose this lovely and timeless diamond shape. This classy diamond cut is found in stones completely square, but cutters also fashion cushion shaped diamonds with more of a rectangular outline. The choice is yours. Cushions are a versatile shape that are as gorgeous as a solitaire as they are mounted in detailed settings.

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