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Radiant Cut Moissanite Ring

We do know that many powerful celebrities have opted for Radiant cut gemstones and for good reason. The Radiant cut is a unique shape for a jewel. The outline of the stone itself appears rather like an emerald cut. But that’s where the similarity ends.

The other artfully crafted facets on this Radiant Moissanite Rings were created specifically to optimize the sparkle factor of the stone. Diamonds were originally shaped in Radiant cuts but when Moissanite began using this remarkable shape, it took brilliance to a new level. This relatively new gemstone cut was first created in 1977 is adored by many brides choosing their engagement rings today. The elongated profile of the Radiant cut gives the impression of a more graceful look on the hand.  It makes an attractive solitaire ring because you can focus on the stunning facet arrangement and how it bounces light off the stone. In a halo, or other settings, this cut produces an upscale vibe in the Radiant Moissanite Rings of your choice. Get ready for the compliments!

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