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Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

The square cut with its sharp corners and straight edges is the perfect choice in several diamond settings, especially for the solitaire ring or placed in halo settings. The princess cut diamond also maximizes the sparkle factor — and shoppers will be wise to give this stone some careful consideration. It’s going to look as new and elegant years from now—as the day it was purchased.

The modern profile of a princess cut makes so attractive to today’s bride. It’s as modern as she is. Even if the princess cut is set as a solitaire, and why wouldn’t you - if there ever comes a day that the wearer would like to change up its look, the princess cut engagement rings will display beautifully in a halo (or double halo!) setting or in a classic mounting with side baguettes or demi-lune diamonds or colored stones. So, as up-to-the-minute as a princess cut diamond looks, you’ll be pleased to know that it can travel with you for your entire lifetime — either in its original setting, or reimagined in numerous other ring mountings. This is a stone for a lifetime.

Every bride feels like a princess on her wedding day, just as she should feel. Each detail of her wedding, from the gown to the cake and flowers, to the bridal jewels themselves are all part of the unique couple’s story.

When shopping for your engagement ring, make sure to enjoy browsing through princess cut diamonds so you don’t miss something spectacular. Princess cut diamonds rings are a perfect fit for today’s bride. They have a definite modern vibe, don’t they? You’ll be surprised to learn that they are a more modern diamond look than most just other diamond shapes available today. Created in the latter part of the 20th century, they are an ideal fit for very modern settings. And they are a sophisticated choice for solitaire rings too!

With their square shape and pointed corners, the princess shape matches the sensibilities of less-is-more contemporary ring settings. But because the straight sides present more setting options, you’ll see brides bringing the princess bling to their Art Deco ring styles too. It provides the ultimate in variety for a bride who wants her ring to be as individual as she is. This shimmering square profile with its geometric opportunities, makes our princess shape diamond the bold updated pick to fall in love with.

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