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Cushion Lab Grown Diamond Ring

Think of an actual cushion with straight sides that are rounded off at the corners—a plump pillowy effect. That’s the cushion cut. When you create a stunning lab grown diamond ring featuring a cushion cut lab grown diamond, you’ve really got something.

Cushion cut stones evolved from an ancient cutting style called the Old Mine cut. So, you’ll find lots of vintage and antique jewelry set with cushion cut diamonds and gemstones. It can be best described as similar to a square shape stone with clipped–or rounded corners. Today these stones feature brilliant cut faceting but still have that romantic vintage vibe owing to their ancient roots.

There’s no skimping on clarity or high color when you have a lab grown diamond. These stones are made to show high quality in both the color range—always icy white, and their high clarity. Lab grown stones are extremely sophisticated. When you’re shopping for a lab grown diamond ring, you’ll be wise to try on the cushion cut shape before making any decisions. It can be a flattering choice for both petite and long slender fingers. And its ancient background makes this stone rich with diamond history.

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