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Pear Lab Grown Diamond Ring

A Flemish cutter in the early 15th century first devised this chic pear cut. Long ago, people referred to it as the teardrop, but over time, it has taken on the name pear shape as a more delicious sounding descriptor.

It’s the unusual cutting style of a pear cut that captivates serious diamond lovers. In essence, the pear cut is a round brilliant cut with one elongated end which is similar to the marquise shaped cut. So, pair your pear to a lab grown diamond in a sophisticated ring and you’ve really got something special. One of the qualities of pear cut lab grown diamonds that jewelry lovers are drawn to is how this shape looks so appealing in different settings. Its elongated shape is very flattering to the wearer’s hand, creating an elegant slenderizing impression. But the stone’s shape also excites the creativity in ring designers. So, you’ll see some of the most inspired settings for pear cut lab grown diamond rings. If you’re expressive with your jewelry, the pear cut lab grown diamond ring gives you so many design options, you’ll be sure to find one that is perfect for you.

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