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So here’s your chance do some much needed pampering so she knows there’s no one else that can take her place. Moms are often sentimental because they cherish so many memories of the family throughout the years. So when you think of gifts for mom, whether on Mother’s Day, her birthday—or simply because you care, there are so many things that are personal and meaningful for her.

Giving mom something that reflects her family position is bound to be a winner. How about jewelry that has gemstones of each of her children? This will be unique and cherished forever as she admires each colorful gem representing each child. It could be a pendant, or a ring, whichever type is more appealing to her. Bangle bracelets with charms –one for each child also make an endearing gift she’ll wear for her entire life. Charm bracelets were big years ago, and you know what? They’re finding favor as a fashion statement once again. You could start with one charm that has a personal meaning for her. Each gift giving time—you’ll have a built in reason to add to her bracelet. Happy hunting!