Let's talk Moissanite

Collectors of fine jewelry today often choose gorgeous moissanite pieces, even if they already own diamonds!

But why is that?

First you need to know that not all Moissanite is created equal. As a luxury manufactured stone, Moissanite offers exquisite jewelry to all jewelry collectors. As a created jewel, not all Moissanite is equal.

Learn what Best Brilliance does to provide you with the finest quality Moissanite rings that take your breath away — for decades to come.

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You like custom designs, don’t you? We thought so. Our Moissanite collection features custom-made designs for an ultra-luxe appeal.

We hand select Moissanite for beauty and quality before it goes into the ring of your dreams.

Moissanite is produced in various levels of clarity and colorlessness—Best Brilliance stones are warranted for top clarity and colorlessness. Expect the best from us—we want you to own the finest stones available.

Discover the unique brilliance of our Moissanite—its clarity and cut assures you of a dazzling jewel to amaze all your friends—and most of all you!

Durability is key. Moissanite is one of the hardest gemstones available today. Your lovely ring will withstand a lifetime of careful wear and look new decades from now—like the first time you wore it.

The cleaner the stone, the greater the sparkle. Our hand selected Moissanite is crystal clear, offering a brilliant light show with every gesture of your hand.

Our Moissanite in set 14K (and higher) gold—all metals worthy of this precious stone.

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This means identifying the Best stones, to meet the specific needs of each customer, based on their preferences, budget and desires, as we guide them with seamless, sophisticated and convenient way of searching and selecting the perfect piece of jewelry.

Best Brilliance takes the guess-work out of buying. Other vendors offer off-color (brown tinted) goods, inferior cuts, or even chipped stones. These lack the sparkle you expect and may be set with cheap accent stones in lower grade metals like 10K gold or even silver

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