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Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Originally created in the 1920s to showcase high-quality emeralds to perfection, it soon became the cut of choice for equally high-quality diamonds. One of the reasons is that the step cut facets allow one to look deep inside the diamond, so quality stones are always selected for this emerald diamond ring. When worn lengthwise in a ring, this elongated shape also flatters a lady’s hand beautifully.

The diamonds selected for emerald cut diamond rings are always of high quality — both in their clarity grade and their color. So, we recognize immediately that anyone wearing an emerald cut diamond engagement rings owns a superb stone. Lower grade diamonds are never cut into the emerald shape because it would actually highlight inclusions and that’s something we never want to do. Engagement rings with emeralds shape diamonds, are simply beautiful. No tricky cutting is required to camouflage low color or inclusions. An owner of an emerald cut diamond can take enormous pride in wearing such a superb natural stone. You cherish it — while others can admire it.

There’s a wonderful history when it comes to the emerald diamond engagement rings shape stone. As its name suggests, the emerald shape stone was used for—what else, emeralds some time ago. But its use in diamonds is nothing short of brilliant, really! The rectangular emerald shape stone with its clipped corners is distinguished by step cut facets that parallel each other. The table facet offers a window into the clarity of the stone. Its unique facet shape and cutting pattern with its geometric lines create what we know as the hall of mirrors effect. Light bounces inside the stone and reflects back in a scintillating way. We love that don’t we?

Therefore, we all get the sense that any diamond cut into an emerald shape has to be of top clarity and usually top color too. That’s because unlike other cuts with so many facets going in different directions, the emerald cut showcases a stone’s clarity and color easily.

You’ll love the elegant simplicity of an emerald cut stone. It simply begs to be the star of the show as an eye-catching solitaire. And its prominent icy look makes each emerald shaped diamond ring appear aristocratic. In fact, this is a favored diamond shape of royalty and the upper crust. Are you practicing your royal wave yet?

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