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Radiant Lab Grown Diamond Ring

The radiant cut is a relative newcomer on the diamond scene. Developed in the 1970s, this showstopper of a diamond cut combines the best of the emerald cut with the round brilliant cut to form one stone that bursts with fire and brilliance. The radiant cut has 70 facets and can rightly claim to be one of the most dazzling diamond cuts on the market today.

The radiant might be described as a clipped corner rectangular or square modified brilliant cut. It’s all about the light performance that occurs in this inventive cut of stone. It really lives up to its name, “radiant’. And if you’re proud to show off the non-stop glamour of your lab grown diamond, you’ll want to take a good look at this stone. Is it for you? Why not! You want to be proud of your ring in every way. The matchless beauty of a lab grown diamond can’t be surpassed. It was developed to display high color, spectacular clarity, and top-tier brilliance to last a lifetime. Knowing that your lab grown stone is an ethical choice should make you extra proud. Whether you opt for the square shape or the more elongated shape of a radiant cut, selecting this shape for your lab grown diamond ring will make you stand out from everyone else. Your love story is not like anyone else, so why should your diamond ring be common? A radiant cut lab grown diamond ring is a collector’s choice that shows your superb style.

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