Discover Diamonds from the Lab

Technology has made extraordinary advancements for modern life—including laboratory diamonds. They are a fascinatingly beautiful diamond—sometimes referred to as cultured diamonds. They are indeed diamonds (not simulants) that were created through technology for collectors who love the unique traits found only in diamonds.

What Makes Lab-Diamonds So Special?

  • Lab diamonds are grown in highly advanced environments in conditions under which earth grown diamonds occur—with heat and high pressure—but speeded up.
  • Lab-grown stones offer exquisite color and beauty like high priced natural diamonds.
  • They start with actual carbon ‘seeds’ –carbon is the single component of natural diamonds.
  • Since lab-grown diamonds are also carbon they exhibit the same optical, physical and chemical properties as earth-mined stones.
  • Lab diamonds offer an affordable option for diamond lovers because of their very attractive prices.

Some consumers today are intrigued by the awe-inspiring allure of diamonds but have concerns when they consider the green impact of earth grown diamond production. Lab grown diamonds are a perfect mining-free option for green-conscious shoppers—you can have your diamond and be mindful of the earth too. Ask the friendly experts at Best Brilliance tell you more about these fascinating diamond choices—you’ll be glad you did!

Featured Lab Diamonds

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