Look into lab grown diamond

One of the most exciting diamond products to hit the market today are lab diamonds. But how do the words lab grown and diamond fit together?

Earth grown diamonds have their own story—and it’s fascinating. Made of a single element—carbon—natural diamonds transformed over billions of years deep inside the earth under conditions of high temperatures, and extreme pressure. The result is one of nature’s most spectacular miracles—sparkling diamonds. They hold us spellbound even today.

Innovative scientists have successfully created diamonds in the laboratory using the same natural model as earth-mined stones. Under conditions of extreme pressure and high heat, a miniscule diamond ‘seed’ is encapsulated in a laboratory containment—and a diamond is produced. It just didn’t take billions of years to spring to life.


Fascinating lab diamonds for today’s shopper

Lab Created diamonds have the same chemical, physical, and optical traits as a diamond from the earth. What many shoppers love about lab grown diamonds is that they are 100% conflict free and ecologically sound. Perhaps best of all, they have all the beauty of a natural diamond, for a much more affordable price. This is a win-win solution for smart shoppers.

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So much to offer

A lab grown diamond might be the smartest choice for you.

If you admire the brilliant colorless diamonds that are breathtaking—yet you want value for your money, lab-grown diamonds may be your top choice. Yes, they are real diamonds—just not earth mined stones. They grew in a controlled lab environment, with spectacular results.

Do you love technology and appreciate the no-conflict solution that lab grown diamonds offer?

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