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Double Halo Ring

While it can be done with any diamond shape, it doesn’t take long before you realize how much went into creating this extraordinary effect. That effect of course is dazzling and makes your ring stand out from literally everyone else. If you’re not afraid of its dramatic effect on all your friends, then you’re ready for an envy-making double halo engagement ring.

Sometimes more is just enough don’t you agree? Double halo rings deliver all the style you could ever want, and yet they make a bold statement of glamour. But that’s you, right? You wear this fascinating style with ease because luxury is your middle name — or it should be. Whatever size diamond is your center stone — it seems to be on steroids. This style is all out allure and you know it.  Never one to given to indecision, the double halo ring showcases your confident sense of style and you wear it so well.

If you’re loving the uptown vibe of a halo diamond ring setting, then we’d like to introduce something to take your breath away. Let’s hear it for the double halo. Twice as gorgeous, twice the lightshow and all the glamour you could ever hope for in a diamond engagement ring. Whereas the classic halo ring setting has stunning accent diamonds artfully arranged around a center stone, the double halo ramps up the bling. This has 2 rows of diamond halos around the center stone—which makes double the number of extra facets capturing light in the ring.

One thing for sure, the double halo was made for the confident woman who loves her own style and is not afraid to show it. Still the double halo is tasteful with its skillfully set accent diamonds. But it’s all out glam draws attention to it and you from way across the room. So, ask yourself, do you mind a little attention—like the red carpet kind? You’re not afraid of being the envy of all your friends, are you? Then maybe, just maybe the double halo is your new best friend. Because of all the workmanship in this style, you’ll definitely be aware you are wearing this double halo while its on your hand.

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