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Emerald Cut Moissanite Ring

Describing the emerald cut is easy because you are looking at a rectangular cut gemstone with step-cut facets placed on the stone. It’s most often associated with the Art Deco era on the 1920s. But it was further refined to optimize its luxury appeal in the 1940s. Many diamond cutters created these straight sided stones in the Roaring 20s as they were impassioned by the new architecture of the day.

An interesting bit of history is that precursors to the modern Emerald cut, called the table cut, was created in the 1500’s when diamond cutting was in its infancy. We’re glad it was developed because it provided jewelry lovers with an elegant cut for both diamonds and Moissanite.

This cut looks particularly sensational on emerald cut Moissanite stones because they are already such clean clear gemstones. When diamonds were cut into Emerald shapes, they only selected the highest clarity stones to do so because the type of straight facets on the Emerald shape allows one to look straight into the stone. So lower-clarity grade stones were not used for this sophisticated cut. With Moissanite’s exceptionally high clarity, it seems like this emerald cut Moissanite rings is a marriage made in heaven.

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