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Oval Cut Moissanite Ring

An oval Moissanite ring is both casually elegant and a very modern choice.  Some people refer to the oval Moissanite engagement ring as an elongated round brilliant stone. You can see that in the carefully shaped facets that create the lovely sparkle. In addition, the oval shape acts to draw the eye down the lady’s finger resulting in a flattering graceful look on the hand. This expressive gemstone shape is ideal for Moissanite — with its high (higher than diamond!) dispersion. Your ring will sparkle all across the room with ever lovely gesture of the hand.

The sophisticated oval Moissanite ring shape even fools the eye to making the stone look larger than it is. You’ll never be sorry your ring looks quite large, will you? The longer oval shape of your Moissanite stone worn lengthwise on the finger makes the hand look even more slender, adding more interest to the stone itself.

One of the first things you’ll notice about an oval shaped diamond ring is how elegantly it fits into many traditional or modern rings settings. Notice how attractive a solitaire Moissanite ring looks without any extra detailing? It’s a time shape for a very modern lady. Browse through our wide array of oval Moissanite rings and find the one just right for you.

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