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Oval Lab Grown Diamond Ring

We think the oval cut diamond falls into this category. Stunningly simple, the oval may just be your special diamond! It can be described just like an elongated round brilliant cut diamond. The appeal of this confidently feminine diamond shape is that it remains fashionable decade after decade. It’s never fallen victim to trendiness because this diamond shape is elegant and can be interpreted in a ring as a simple solitaire, or in something more complex like a halo setting.

A hidden benefit to choosing the oval cut diamond is that it often makes the stone look larger than its actual carat weight. And who doesn’t like that? Consider the oval cut lab grown diamond ring for its ability to deliver that chic timeless look while out-dazzling other diamond shaped stones. The lab grown diamond is your Number 1 choice when you demand high color, high clarity, all at an very affordable price. So, there’s no downside to making your choice the oval cut lab grown diamond ring. Your options for mountings are nearly endless. If you prefer a classic and chic solitaire, you’ll enjoy a dazzling lab grown diamond that looks bigger than its real carat weight because of its cut. And you’ll show off that stunning cut with lab grown diamonds that are sheer perfection. When someone says. “Are those real diamonds?”, your answer is always “of course!”. Lab grown diamonds are indeed true diamonds in every sense—optically, chemically, and physically. The only difference is one was earth mined while another was created in a lab. Pure pleasure to wear for your whole life.

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