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Halo Moissanite Rings

Moissanite has so many fans, and you might be counted as one too! This fascinating created stone was inspired by famed French chemist Henri Moissan who found tiny natural crystals of this material while on an exploration. This mineral does exist in nature—albeit too small and rare to be considered as gemstones. So Moissanite was created to bring an alternative for diamonds to the diamond loving consumer.

Truth is many diamond jewelry owners also have Moissanite jewelry. The halo Moissanite ring is a combo make in jewelry heaven. Moissanite stones have greater dispersion than diamonds—so the extreme scintillation is a big draw for many shoppers. Add a heavenly halo to this center stone, and you’ve got a spectacular ring that will be the envy of many. Halos offer greater light reflection because of their many more faceted stones surround the center stone. This clever design also makes the center stone appear much larger than it actually is! It’s easy to see the higher dispersion in a Moissanite as contrasted to that of a diamond. It has an exciting light show and breaks up light into all the colors of the rainbow, something that doesn’t happen with earth mined diamonds. That’s why there are diamond lovers who also avidly collect Moissanite for its benefits. Definitely not for the wallflower bride, a Halo Moissanite engagement ring will be the treasure of a lifetime—and the envy of all.

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