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Hidden Halo Moissanite Rings

Moissanite is all about the over-the-top luxury in colorless gems. This created stone is not an ‘imitation diamond’ but rather its own sumptuous highly collectible jewel. The backstory of its development by famed French chemist Henri Moissan, makes it a customer favorite. Modern shoppers for bridal jewelry are looking for beauty and durability in their engagement rings. And Moissanite is an exceptional alternative to diamonds. Some shoppers prefer Moissanite after seeing it next to a diamond, since Moissanite displays even more dispersion than a diamond. It really radiates a stunningly dazzling stone.

The hidden halo is a relatively new style for the engagement ring niche. It’s distinguished by very discretely placed accent diamonds under the main stone or on the side of the gallery under the head of the mounting. The effect is quite dazzling as it draws more light toward the solitaire stone, thus making the ring much more reflective. First of all, the hidden halo is a delight for the wearer who can see all the side stones while wearing the ring. Never ostentatious, this design element is more subtle, like you expect in upper end couture jewelry. Anyone gets a good look of the ring from the side can enjoy the hidden halo.

But a wonderful benefit to the hidden halo Moissanite ring that isn’t often mentioned is how the hidden halo Moissanite accent stones draw more light to it and the main stone. The result is a highly dramatic brilliance and sparkle owing to the extra facets of the hidden halo. This style is rapidly gaining in popularity owing to these imaginative details and the surprising results it produces.

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