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Bezel Wedding Rings

The bezel setting diamond looks updated with its chic simplicity, and there’s a bonus too. With its smooth setting, it never irritates the fingers, and feel comfortable day and night. The bezel set diamond is also a lovely type of setting that ensures the safety of your diamond since all the edges are protected by the setting. Enjoy this stylish choice that has quite a provenance!

Some people seek the out of ordinary pieces of jewelry because they intend to create signature collections to enjoy for a lifetime. If that’s you, we won’t be surprised to see you seeking out that high-jewelry vibe of a bezel setting ring. These are not for everyone. We think the true diamond connoisseur with a highly developed sense of design naturally gravitates to a diamond ring set in a bezel mounting. Did you know that this ancient diamond setting still resonates with collectors today? We love bezel set diamonds and know that you do too.

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