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Solitaire Moissanite Ring

There’s something to be said about the solitaire engagement ring setting. While we are charmed by new designs, and trendy rings today, the solitaire reigns Queen of Engagement Rings. The reason is pretty straightforward. Moissanite is such an exceptional created stone with its own special traits that we don’t want to lose its individuality in a complex setting. Diamonds are to die for, right? Moissanite is to get excited about. The over the top dispersion makes any ring with Moissanite grab your eye all the way across the room. It attracts light and reflects it back to the eye by dispersing the light into all the colors of the rainbow. You really need to see it side by side with an earth mined diamond to get the full impact. With a stone this exciting, you want to be able to view it from all sides.

The solitaire setting usually sets the center stone up high on its mounting. This permits greater light transmission that enters the stone from all sides, beside from the top. The amount of light entering the stone, and the directions it enters all impacts how it displays reflected light. So while a stone mounting set up high is dramatic, it’s also functional in how it allows the stone to sparkle.

We all know that the solitaire setting is as classic as you can get. But classic doesn’t translate to old-fashioned or dated. It’s quite the opposite. The solitaire ring looks as modern as today’s date. And you’ll enjoy experiencing your solitaire setting year after year. It will look as fresh and elegant years from now, as the day you first put the ring on. When your love is a forever love, shouldn’t you have a ring that’s as forever as your love story? A solitaire Moissanite ring may be the engagement ring you’ve been looking for all this time. Congrats!

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