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Marquise Lab Grown Diamond Ring

Who doesn’t want an icy white diamond with exquisite clarity? That’s exactly what you get in a lab grown diamond. Now consider getting a diamond shape that is equally as alluring. Take a look at a marquise cut lab grown diamond. In some ways, the marquise diamond cut looks like an oval shape with the exception of each end—these are pointed like a pear cut diamond. Not only does this imaginative shape deliver a very feminine vibe, but the long slender shape of the stone is very flattering on the hand, making it appear quite expressive.

The marquise lab cut diamond rings is a brilliant choice for modern brides. It can be mounted lengthwise, as it most often seen, but innovative designers also set the marquise stone in an east-west orientation for a decidedly up to date look. Don’t let this modern shape fool you. It is said that French King Louis XV commissioned this lady-like diamond cut for his mistress, Madame du Pompadour, because it resembled her delicate lips.  We think the marquise cut lab grown diamond ring will look positively regal on you as well!

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