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Pear Cut Moissanite Ring

To the trade, it’s referred to as a modified round brilliant – marquise blend. Its strikes a lovely balance between getting the opulent brilliance of a round brilliant cut stone (it does share many of the facet arrangements of a round diamond) plus the elongated pointed end reminiscent of a marquise stone. That lengthened shape is so flattering to the wearer’s hand too.

Worn with the point facing away from the hand, the impression strikes one as a most flattering graceful gemstone choice. Yes, it’s a terrific choice for engagement rings as it is a more unusual selection. That way you can completely customize your engagement ring to your liking and create a truly one-of-a-kind treasure. Are you a bride favoring classic beauty? Traditional tried-and-true ring profiles that will look as stunning decades later as the day you said “I do!” Maybe you’re a pear-shape gemstone lover in the making. Pear Moissanite Rings cut is a center stage kind of stone. You could put a halo on it—making it look even more grand than it does as a solitaire. The options are endless and they’re all yours.

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