Emerald Flecks Rings

While there are green gemstones called emeralds, there is also an important gemstone shape called the emerald flecks diamond cut.

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Emerald Flecks Diamond Rings

It may have its roots in the fact that the green emeralds are most often shaped in this cut, it’s also perfect for high quality diamonds and colorless gemstones and in particular our Flecks Diamond, our proprietary stone enrobed in diamond. Its rectangular elongated, straight sided shape is a couture designer’s dream. The emerald cut boasts specific step cut facets and has a large sized table facet. This prominent facet allows more light to enter the stone—and one can see deep within the stone itself –which is why traditionally only the highest clarity gemstones get the emerald cut treatment.

Originally produced in the 1920s, the emerald cut showcased high-quality emeralds to perfection. But it quickly became the go-to-cut of choice for high-quality diamonds too. The wide step cut facets allow one to glance deep within the stone, so only top tier stones were chosen for this superb cut. Therefore, anyone wearing an emerald shaped Flecks Diamond can be assumed to own a superior stone. No tricky cutting is required to camouflage low color or inclusions because of the assumptions that the stone cut in this shape is a top tier stone. When worn lengthwise in a ring, this elongated emerald shape is quite flattering to a lady’s hand. But modern jewelers also set this lovely stone ‘east-west’ too for an updated look.