Princess Flecks Rings

Just like the name says, the Flecks Diamond shape is made for someone’s special princess. The sumptuous Flecks Diamond is our proprietary stone enrobed in diamond.

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Princess Flecks Diamond Rings

As diamond and gemstone cuts go, the princess shape is a newcomer to the scene. It was developed in the mid-1980s, and that could explain why it is so popular with today’s younger, more modern jewelry shopper. There’s a fresh up-to-the-minute appeal with princess cut Flecks Diamond.

The square cut Flecks Diamond with its sharp corners and straight edges is a perfect fit for a variety of modern diamond settings, including the always popular solitaire ring or even placed in halo settings. The ingenious cut also maximizes the stone’s sparkle factor. Bridal ring shoppers will be wise to give this stone some serious consideration. Bridal jewelry is meant to be enjoyed for a lifetime and to be cherished more with each passing day. A princess cut ring looks so modern and sophisticated ---It’s going to look as new and elegant years from now—as the day it was purchased. The princess shape is the perfect cut to place in eternity rings or tennis bracelets too. Their straight sides makes setting these beautiful stones next to each other a jewelry lover’s dream. So whether you start out with one piece of jewelry that has a princess cut stone---you’ll soon find the shape to be irresistible and want to add more pieces to complete your jewelry wardrobe.