About CVD Diamonds

About CVD Diamonds - Best Brilliance

There’s a lot of buzz today in the retail sector about lab-grown diamonds. And there’s a good reason for it. They are an exciting and beautiful new development in the industry and now that they are so available, it seems like shoppers everywhere want them.

But even though their price is so much more attractive than natural diamonds, they are an investment like any other piece of fine jewelry. So every wise consumer should learn all about them to be certain they are right for them.

Discover What’s Behind the Acronym

By learning all about CVD diamonds, you’ll be able to make the best decision for your life.

What does CVD mean, and how does that fit into the discussion about lab-grown stones making all the news?

First of all, the acronym CVD stands for chemical vapor deposition. It names the specific method of creating a diamond in a laboratory environment. In the trade, CVD is the most common means of producing a true synthetic stone. And while they are man-made, in fact they are identical in every way to an earth mined crystal. And that’s the exciting part about this special stone.

How Do they Really Make Them?

The CVD process can be simply described as placing a thin (microscopic) diamond ‘seed’ into a special laboratory chamber which is then heated and flooded with carbon-rich gas. These carbon molecules attach to the original ‘seed’ and build upon it until a completely formed crystal is produced.

This phenomenal process will generate a fully formed crystal within 2 to 4 weeks. Then scientists thoroughly inspect these crystals to make sure they are free from inclusions and display the high color that consumers require.

Once the growth has been achieved to its desired size, the next exciting phase of its journey begins. It follows a similar path to natural crystals. It must be professionally cut to the desired shape, and carefully polished to deliver its optimal brilliance. Only then, will the synthetic stone be inspected and graded by independent laboratories like GIA and others, before entering the jewelry market and ready for a new owner.

CVD diamond

What Makes them Identical?

To reinforce an important detail, a CVD diamond for sale has the identical chemical, physical, and optical properties of the natural one. There simply is no difference, except for the fact that the lab one only took a month or so to ‘grow’ whereas the earth mined ones took billions of years to develop. You can truthfully say that the lab-grown one is an actual diamond. In other words, it’s not simply a look alike, or an imitation either. It is a diamond. It also has the very important hardness trait that its natural counterparts have. On a Mohs scale, a diamond is rated 10, the very hardest natural substance on earth. The CVD diamond yields that same exquisite hardness too. Do we care how hard these stones are? Well—yes. The hardness of a gem determines how highly it can be polished. A natural and CVD take such a high polish due to their hardness that they sparkle more brilliantly than another other natural gemstone can. It’s that breathtaking scintillation that makes these stones so desirable.

Next, the hardness of the stone guarantees that it will look stunning on the first day when it was polished—and throughout the entire life of its owner.

When lab grown diamonds first hit the market—and it wasn’t that long ago, people were confused and didn’t understand these were actual diamonds that could rival the most prized natural jewels on earth. The reason is that CVD stones are especially created to have high color (or really colorlessness!) and also high clarity. Those 2 traits make gems quite valuable and also make their prices out of reach for most shoppers. But with CVD diamonds so readily available now, the consumer doesn’t have to sacrifice anything at all to get the dazzling jewel of their dreams—and for a much more attractive price than they were expecting to pay. That means the shopper can buy a much larger and more impressive gemstone than they ever thought possible.

As technology has advanced, CVD crystals have become available in much larger carat sizes. So they are polished in all the popular sizes that today’s consumer demands. There is no down-side. The beauty is there in all the latest designer settings, and the price keeps shoppers’ budget in check.

Think About Your Spending Habits

If you’re like most consumers today, you want your hard-earned money to be wisely spent, and you want your personal ethics to be considered in all of your spending. Many consumers tell us they appreciate having a sustainable option. There is no disruption to our precious Earth to produce stones in a lab. No upheaval in our precious natural resources. Nor are there any risks of human abuse or unethical business practices. And that is a big deal to most of us now. We simply want to be a part of a sustainable eco-conscious lifestyle. It’s something we can all take pride in.

By looking at all the background of CVD diamonds, you can why they are the right choice for you!