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There’s always lots of eating around the family and friend’s table, so come with an appetite to the often all day feasting that is the rule. Bring gifts of wine, or desserts or even floral arrangements when you go visiting loved ones on this day. Not in the mood to whip up a giant meal this year? No worries—plan to invite friends out to a nice restaurant where they’ll do all the work and clean up for you! You can sweeten the meal with small presents presented at the beginning of the meal whether it’s at home or in a restaurant. Jewelry—like pendant necklaces or bracelets can be a treasured gift. Charm bracelets make the day that much more enjoyable. Turkey charm anyone? Pilgrims on parade in a pretty dangle charm is a conversation starter when worn later on.

Pumpkin pies and pumpkin anything is classic Thanksgiving accompaniment for sure. We almost didn’t need to say that. Whatever you choose for a Thanksgiving Day gift, simply give it with love and gratitude and it will be the perfect one!

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