Antique Wedding Bands vs Modern Rings

Antique Wedding Bands vs Modern Rings - Best Brilliance

When it’s time to shop for an engagement ring, there are so many things to consider. But let’s be honest. It’s an exciting time and so fun to shop for bridal jewelry. You may (or maybe not!) begin shopping with a certain look in mind. That’s fine. You know your style preferences. But then again, once you embark on the journey of ‘looking them all over to be sure’ you’re going to be surprised at the wide variety of rings available today. So don’t let your first impression dissuade you from considering other styles that you previously passed over.



Think it Through 



Keep in mind, your bridal jewelry will be something to wear every single day of your lives and it must be comfortable—so that it becomes part of who you are. While your wardrobe may go through an evolution over time as your taste evolves, you want your bridal jewels to be a reflection of your best self and be happy with it for years to come. Our bridal jewelry, unlike other fine jewelry pieces that we own, grows more precious as the years go by because there is so much meaning behind these rings.




So, let’s start looking—and considering all the details of engagement rings that we’ll want to get right. This is a joyful time in your life and shopping for your engagement ring is also a much-anticipated happy process. 



Some people begin the process by considering the center stone first of all. Do you want a diamond? If so, what size and shape? Certain settings are better suited for different diamond shape center stones. Let’s not forget the trend of getting a colored gemstone as the center stone. If royals can do it, why can’t we? It’s all up to you.




Antique and Vintage Engagement Rings



Now, looking at the setting of the ring itself, there are many things to consider. You could go vintage—with an antique wedding band, or even one that is a modern manufactured ring that looks antique. Or you can opt for modern wedding jewelry. There’s a lot to consider so let’s break it down.



In the truest sense, anything antique is at least 100 years old. Victorian and Edwardian engagement rings are true antiques. However, the popular usage of the word antique has also carried over to the vintage rings that are less than a century old. Now an actual vintage engagement ring is said to be at least 50 years old. And these can be named for their era of manufacture since each period had specific styles. Art Deco, Mid-Century, and so on are various vintage periods that can be defined in jewelry and other manufactured items.




There are actually authentic engagement rings of those earlier eras that you can purchase today, either from estate sales, or the estate jewelry section of a retailer—even online. And that may appeal to you. However, be aware that the age of these pieces may bring with them unintended challenges. As we said, you are going to wear your bridal jewelry every day for the rest of your life. So, the age of true antique and even vintage rings may work against a new lifetime of everyday use. The shanks can become weakened, especially if the ring needs to be sized for its new owner. The prongs and other methods of setting the stones can be less secure.  




New Antique and Vintage Styles



There is however an alternative solution that allows the bride to enjoy the beautiful detailing found in antique and vintage engagement rings. That would be selecting a new ring that uses the graceful shapes and outlines of centuries-old styling. The old pieces carry with them certain femininity and charm of days long gone. They are certainly a perfect match for a romantic lady. So, consider a newly manufactured ring that has been crafted in antique styling. You’ll be sure to have a ring that is strong with the crafted stability and integrity to last a lifetime. You’ll cherish it and be assured that it will last forever.




Here's to the Modern Ladies



You’re a modern lady? That’s great. The modern engagement rings made today offer such a wide array of design options. If you can think it, it has probably already been made. And modern diamond engagement ring choices are more flexible with the center stone that you select. So, you’re good there—and even if you want to choose your setting first and the center stone after, you’re safe with a modern engagement ring. The manufacture of the rings themselves is stronger and more durable since modern methods of jewelry-making build those traits into the process.




We know that the engagement ring is one of the most personal items of jewelry you’ll ever buy. It can reflect not just your personality, but your style preferences, and show the world what an individual you are. You can choose so many metal options now with modern bridal jewelry. White, rose or yellow gold, platinum, and other specialty metals give the bride lots to choose from. And if you need to size the ring you select, your modern engagement ring will still have great strength in the back of the band. So, no worries there. 




You’ve got lots to think over with choosing your engagement ring. Whether you opt for a genuine antique ring, a newly made antique or vintage style, or the latest modern styles direct from today’s best designers, you’ll find one that’s just perfect. The choice is all yours. Happy shopping!