Are Pink Diamond Rings the New Color of the Year?

Are Pink Diamond Rings the New Color of the Year? - Best Brilliance

If you’ve been watching celebrity sightings lately, you’ve realized that pink diamonds are having a moment, or two. First off, we may be mystified by the very name pink diamonds rings. Are they real? And if so, are they expensive? Well, the happy answer to the first part is a resounding yes. Strange as it may seem, some diamonds come right out of the ground pink. There was no human intervention to help create that blushing tint. The second question—are they expensive has a couple of mystifying answers—like yes and no. If the pink is especially vivid and if the stone is large, then the price can be through the roof. But other more modest-sized pink diamonds are somewhat affordable. Happily, for diamond lovers without great means, there are also treatments on pink diamonds that have helped them achieve their spectacular hue. Those for sure are much more affordable. So, there’s a pink diamond within most people’s reach.


Sought After Pinks


And that’s a good thing because pink diamonds have become one of the most sought-after diamond colors this year. There are so many reasons for this trend too. First of all, they are super feminine. I mean, what girly-er color could you possibly ask for than a dazzling diamond in a pink tint? When it comes to engagement rings, they may be the color of the decade since they give off a very romantic vibe too. And if you decide to pair it with rose (or pink) gold in the mounting, then you’ve got a real show stopper. And you want others to admire your bridal jewelry, don’t you? 


Think of the other jewelry types that will look spectacular done up with pink diamonds? The first thing that comes to mind is pink diamond earrings—either studs or pendant style. This is because these sparkly pink stones are so flattering against a ladies’ face. A pendant featuring a breathless pink diamond also makes a gorgeous piece of jewelry. So, you get the idea. The versatility is there and the beauty is drop-dead gorgeous. 


The Highly Personalized Expression of Pink


Pink diamond ring are a delicate color that makes for a stand-out piece of jewelry and provides an individualized look to your jewelry for a more personal touch.


Even though we’re just now seeing pink diamonds on red carpet events and the fingers of celebrities, that doesn’t mean they are newly found diamonds. Pink diamonds have been found centuries ago alongside colorless diamonds in ancient mines throughout the world. The very big ones got snapped up by royalty for their regal vestments. Wealthy diamond collectors have always been on the hunt for rare and hard-to-find diamonds, and the pink stones top their list—if and when you could find them.


Famous Names with Pink Diamonds


Centuries back, the mighty Indian maharajahs wore pink diamonds on their elaborate turbans as a sign of wealth and power. Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II received a large pink diamond as a wedding present from one of the early African nations that she visited as a young bride before actually becoming Queen. And it was less than 20 years ago that Jennifer Lopez received a 6 -carat pink diamond valued in the millions of dollars from Ben Affleck. That wedding didn’t go through, but we’re learning that the power couple is back on track for Bennifer - Part 2!


So, while famous people have had a love affair with pink diamonds for quite some time, there’s no reason why you can jump in on the trend now. And let’s be clear, just because something is trending this year, doesn’t mean it’s a fad soon to be over.


A pink diamond engagement ring will remain one of the loveliest and most romantic diamond selections you could ever hope to have. Decades from now, you’ll be so glad to make a personalized choice to get a pink diamond ring. The cool icy pink is so exquisite you’ll be sure to have a ring-like no one else. You can add to your pink diamond bridal jewelry over time with a bracelet, and for sure, lovely earrings that will sparkle beautifully at the side of your face. A pendant in pink diamonds, and maybe a right-hand ring in pink diamonds could become your signature jewelry. 


Oh! The Many Shades of Pink!


One thing you’ll be sure to notice when shopping for a pink diamond is the variety of tints that are available in this color. If you are looking at natural pink diamonds, called ‘fancy color diamonds in the trade, you’ll be amazed at the variation in tones and pink tints. There are so many—and because they are from the earth like that, these stones will be as individual as their wearer. And that’s important when you’re building a jewelry collection today. 


A wise person once said, ‘collect what you like’ since jewelry is a reflection of your personality and your style. No one is quite like you-so your jewelry should also have that unique touch.


Opting for pink diamonds will show everyone what a knowledgeable and thoughtful collector you are. You don’t follow the crowd, but rather you lead the way. As a fashion-forward lady, you may discover that pink diamonds are just the right stone for your bridal jewelry and your happily ever after as you build a jewelry wardrobe in the future.


Here’s to the exquisite pink diamond trend that will never be out of style.